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Sanjoy - Topic

Sanjoy Deb (born 18 December 1991), known primarily by his stage name Sanjoy, is an Bangladeshi-Indian-American musician, electronic music producer and DJ.[1] He primarily produces in the progressive house genre,[2] but also draws influences from dubstep, electro house, and Bollywood. Sanjoy grew up and began his career in San Jose, California. Sanjoy's best known musical piece to date is the song "Ab Laut Aa" featuring Sunidhi Chauhan which charted on the Saavn, THfirst, and Dhingana charts. Though he was born in Bangladesh, Sanjoy has lived in California for half his life. He attended Evergreen Valley High School and later graduated from San Jose State University with a degree in Business.[3] Sanjoy began his musical career working with his partner and executive producer Kunal Agarwal. Under the name 'Sanjoy', Deb has produced a wide variety of Electronic Dance Music as well as Bollywood film songs.[4] He has collaborated with music directors Pritam and Gaurav Dagaonkar to add an electronic sound to Bollywood films.

In 2011, he began his music career with a series of mash-ups and remixes that were well received in the Indian-American community.[5] His first mash-up "Chammak Challo" featured dancers from the UC Berkeley dance team, Azaad, and built his core audience of Bollywood-EDM listeners who were connected to the dance team circuit. He later released another video and mash-up called Love the Pressure, which further engaged those of Indian descent worldwide.[6]

In 2012, Sanjoy released an original music video called "Tonight I Believe". The track received lots of attention across the Internet, but because of the negative response and criticism, it was promptly pulled from THfirst.[7] Deb also released an unofficial remix of Swedish House Mafia's "Don't You Worry Child".

In 2013, Sanjoy produced a single for the well-known Indian singer Sunidhi Chauhan.[8] Their collaboration Ab Laut Aa was well-received, especially due to the topic of the music video on the prevalence of gender discrimination and rape in India.[9] He subsequently released a reprise version featuring Gaurav Dagaonkar as the vocalist \u0026 songwriter.