LILI’s FILM [The Movie]

11 ก.พ. 2021
63 721 510 มุมมอง

Directed and Choreographed by Cheshir Ha

Film Directed by Anthony King

Producer Yeseul Jang

Performed by Lisa, Cheshir Ha, Bada Lee, Monroe Lee, Dazzle Kim

Music by Destiny Rogers ‘Tomboy’

  • Waching this before BLACKPINK THE MOVIE

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  • you can't deny that this song fit her a lot.😍🤩😍

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  • streaming guyssaa

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  • Lisa = perfection.

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  • " I am the boss's in the men's world " This line was made for lisa QUEEN THINGS 👑👑

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  • Omaygahdd road to 100m views fightinggg!!!

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  • It comes to 63 millions now. Great song and wonderful performance. It’s matching

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  • Lisa

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  • She'll always shine brighter than the stars

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  • So amazing..

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  • Lisa already spoilt (completely) the Blackpink THE MOVIE But we always fail to find what it is... we are always get clowned 🤡

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  • Lisa❤️

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  • I'm a girl's girl, I'm a boss in a man's world Yeah, I can pick and roll, pass, ballerina twirl Skating through the city with my snapback on Still be looking pretty with no makeup on Hit Sephora quick, get a red lip But meet me on the court, I'll ball you up right quick (Quick) They be like, "Baby, baby, how you get so fine?" But I don't do no favors for the studio time My mama said, "Marry a rich man" (Oh, no) And I was like, "Mama, I am that rich man" (Oh, yo, yo, yo, yo) Oh my me, oh my God How'd this girl get so fly? I do what you doin', boy Doin' it like a tomboy Oh my me, oh my God (Skrrt, skrrt) How'd this girl get so fly? (Skrrt, skrrt) I do what you doin', boy (Yeah) Doin' it like a tomboy (Yeah) Solo ridin', barely tryin' They know to call me when they wanna get it poppin' Sweet like some honey but I always go hard (Yeah) I don't like the drama but I'll finish what you start I'm makin' sure you get the memo, yeah I'll meet you up on any level, yeah (Yeah) Independent don't need help (Nah) Underestimate me, you'll be playing yourself My mama said, "Marry a rich man" (Oh, no) And I was like, "Mama, I am that rich man" (Oh, yo, yo, yo, yo) Oh my me, oh my God (Oh, no, no, no) How'd this girl get so fly? (How'd she get so fly?) I do what you doin', boy (Yeah, yeah) Doin' it like a tomboy (Like a tomboy) Oh my me, oh my God (Skrrt, skrrt) How'd this girl get so fly? (Oh, oh, oh) I do what you doin', boy (Yeah, yeah) Doin' it like a tomboy I'll make a jealous girl my friend I'll make an ex want me again I got the best of both worlds (Yes, I do) I can hang with the dudes, get pretty with the girls Oh my me, oh my God (Oh, no, no, no) How'd this girl get so fly? (How'd she get so fly?) I do what you doin', boy (Yeah, yeah) Doin' it like a tomboy (Like a tomboy) Oh my me, oh my God (Skrrt, skrrt) How'd this girl get so fly? (Skrrt, skrrt) I do what you doin', boy (Yeah, yeah) Doin' it like a tomboy (Yeah, yeah) Yeah, oh-oh, oh-oh Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh Do it, do it Like a tomboy

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  • i feel so hot after watching this

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  • Who wating for Lisa solo?

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  • Lisa love you

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  • So what does lisa mean by this video?

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  • Maka pang yawa jod ko everytime mag tn aw ani bie hooohh manginit man sad ta oii

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  • Why I cry whe I see her performance... So emotion, happy and enjoy at the same time. 😍

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  • The impeccable performer!

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  • Blackpink has The Movie coming up 🙊 Is this related to that?!?!?

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  • 💛

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  • Guys lisa was teasing from 4 months and we didn't noticed for " THE MOVIE "

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  • Thank you Lisa sooo much for giving us such a good hint. I really appreciate it 🥰♥️♥️♥️❤️😘

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  • Girlboss lisa

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  • lisa we miss you, show us your gray wolf haircut or something please :((

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  • you are the best/// I love you Lisa

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  • Lisaa where are you at?? I miss you:((

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  • Let's make it to 100 M

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  • اركز على لبسها او اركز على رقصها ولا على الاغنيه 😂😂😂

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  • Dope .

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  • Who knew THE MOVIE was a hint here 🙂

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  • Popular opinion:Lisa is a bad 👎dancer

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    • So why are you spending your time with watching her? Admit or not you guys can't leave her videos.

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  • Why is her body too skinny

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  • Bad dancer

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    • @Ece She is bad

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    • ?

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  • Noone literally no one but Lisa be like dance machine .

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  • won't forget about this masterpiece

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  • เกี๊ยว​ซ่า...🤩🤩😍😍😍😍🤩🤩แป๊ะหัวใจ

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  • lisaaaaa te amo

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  • me before watching:- imma learn this chorea after i see the first 40 seconds:- nvm imma just watch

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  • Who's here before 63M? And keeps on going back because of Lisa?? Yass. Keep streaming. Fighting!

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  • Those ads

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  • 내 마음 속에 리사는 가장 최고의 여자예요

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  • Lisa will steal your boyfriends and girlfriends

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  • Wow LİLİM I love YOU 🖤🌹hi TÜRKEY🥰😘😜😉🙂🙃

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  • Lisa is my wife

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  • No miren mucho a mi esposa por siaca ah

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  • اكاد من فرط الجمال اذوب اقسم بالله

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  • 3:00 Me: BTS? 😂😂

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    • @Ashley Ginam Pls can you mind your own business yes and still you can see my profile picture it's written bts in her hat and i was talking about BTS so what? Even the new born baby can tell this video's Bts means behind the scenes! I was kidding!

    • @DUBA you're literally an army? i can see ur pfp. u were clearly talking about bangtan.

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    • @Ashley Ginam I never ever said From BTS i mean bangtan boys pls go and show ur interest somewhere else!

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    • it means behind the scene, not everything is about your faves.

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  • ابغى اموت من جمال ليسا

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  • Did lisa spoil their movie?!? 🤣

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  • Omg63m

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  • 100m before lisas solo

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  • 리사 화이팅!

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  • I want to see you dancing to pi*ch boss to doja cat or Taylor swift bad blood and do some boxing and bunching thing like black widow or wonder woman i think this will suit you very much

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  • Good morning lisa

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  • All those extensions don't look nice on you hun

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  • Lets maket it 70M before lisa solo come...

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  • team LiLi !!

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  • Al fin destiny está siendo reconocida !!!!!

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  • Hey blinks/Lilies! Me and a few other blinks are planning to become a fanbase for bp and we're called OT4Unitedofficial if you can give me ideas of what you want us to do how we can be better than other fanbases just leave your ideas and I'll read them! Thank you all in advance for supporting Lisa and i hope y'all can support us in the future also!

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  • Yeeaaaah....she is the BOSS😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😵😵😵😵

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  • My mama said "marry a rich man" and I was like mama" I AM THAT RICH MAN"

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  • 🔥🔥🔥

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  • 리사는 섹시 해요 ⚡️

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  • Lisa is very beautiful in this movie and Lisa danced very beautifully in this movie

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  • Lisa is the best dancer

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  • Believe me guys we aren't ready for Lisa's solo yet and it's a fact

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  • Hút thật sự

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  • จะปั่นวิวรอนะค้าบตะลิซของมัมหมี🥺😸

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  • คิดถึงจังง

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  • I love U Lisa

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  • She is the best dancer in Korea ilove you lisa

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  • I like song so good

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  • The Bast

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    • When

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