Stop Motion ASMR - Catching Sea Turtle Trap Primitive Cooking Experiment Unusual Underground

5 ก.พ. 2021
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It's the perfect day to go on a Stop Motion ASMR of the aquarium. Catching Sea Turtle Trap Primitive Cooking Experiment Unusual Underground of the Wildlife ith the help of volunteers, we safely release baby sea turtles into the cave - an amazing experience! relax is me!.
Last video .In the next video, we will create a trial video that combines animation and stop motion.
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All episode is made under the use of stop motion animation technique and owned by VEGA CREATORS CO., LTD.
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  • Rasa sakit hati u juga bisa buka yg bisa menampilkan lagu ini ditulis oleh seorang kepala daerah ini adalah daftar dan keteranganya

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  • Is that a real crocodile

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    • Hcvhvgtdvjvduhvftuvfbu

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    • Nope its a crocodile in Stop motion.

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  • you make them look so real

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  • very nice video! et c'est rare que j'aime le stop motion💜💟😍👍

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  • Hayvanlara eziyet gibi görünüyor ama inşallah öyle değil dir 😅sinirle ilgili Bi dizi film yapsan izlenme rekorları kırardi bence 😅

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  • Oh that's how the golden crocodile turn into gold and I'm second

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    • *Alternative Title:* how the golden crocodile turned into gold.

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