OneRepublic - Run (Official Music Video)

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Director - Tomás Whitmore
Producers - Valerie Bush, Vertel Scott, Jared Shelton
Prod Co - Off-Site Works

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When I was a young boy living in the city
All I did was run run run run run
Staring at the lights they look so pretty
Momma said “son son son son son
You’re gonna grow up, you’re gonna get old
All that glitters don’t turn to gold
But until then just have your fun
Boy, run run run run run”

Yeah, run run run
Run run run

When I was a young kid living in the city
All I did was pay pay pay pay pay
And every single dime that good Lord gave me
I could make it last 3, 4, 5 days
Living it up but living down low
Chasing that luck before I get old
And looking back, oh, we had some fun
Boy run run run run run

They tell you that the sky might fall
They’ll say that you might lose it all
So I run until I hit that wall
Yeah I learned my lesson, count my blessings
Look to the rising sun and run run run

Yeah, one day well the sky might fall
Yeah, one day I could lose it all
So I run until I hit that wall
If I learned one lesson, count your blessings
Look to the rising sun and run run run

Run run run

Didn’t get everything that I wanted
But I got what I need, yeah yeah
I see that light in the morning
Shining down on me
So take me up high, take me down low
Where it all ends nobody knows
But until then let’s have some, yeah
Run run run run run

They tell you that the sky might fall
They’ll say that you might lose it all
So I run until I hit that wall
Yeah I learned my lesson, count my blessings
Look to the rising sun and run run run

Yeah, one day well the sky might fall
Yeah, one day I could lose it all
So I run until I hit that wall
If I learned one lesson, count your blessings
Look to the rising sun and run run run

Run run run
Yeah, Run run run

Yeah, I learned my lesson, count my blessings
Look to the rising sun

Yeah, I learned my lesson, count my blessings
Look to the rising sun

Yeah, if I learned one lesson, count your blessings
Look to the rising sun, yeah, run run run

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  • this is incridible

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  • Only 7mil people saw this epic shit

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  • I can't get bored listening to this. It brings back that style, good job.

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  • Beautifully awesome💥

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  • This proves that Ryan isn't only a good singer but also a good actor.

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  • Ryan is nominated for the Oscar

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  • Always inspiration

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  • 1:43 favourite part 😂✨

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  • Ryan is a genius! One Republic's music never grows old or disappoints.

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  • Echt super lied.

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  • If Ryan won't play himself in a OneRepublic biopic one day, I'm not watching.

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  • his very nice song

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  • Compatrioti che ascoltate questo video… non è una canzone, è una droga. Una delle migliori ❤️‍🔥

  • 徐々に高い声が出なくなってる気がする

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  • please be a hit!!!

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  • you are a real acrobat and your voice is beautiful ❤️❤️❤️

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